They had me at “yo”…

If you’ve ever seen my code, or console logs, you’ll know when it’s me by the frequent use of the word “yo”

It’s my trademark, hello-world, catch-all, test, etc. go-to word! How does this relate?

Well, when taking a deep dive into Azure App Services, to see how it compares to the Google Firebase platform I’ve developed so many apps painlessly with, I was more than just surprised by the vast amount of VS Code plugins that are available… I was blown away. Not only did I find the equivalent for all of the same tools I’ve loved about Firebase, but much, much more…

After getting setup with a prototyping account with Azure, and getting ready to start an App prototype with some IoT features, a “serverless” frontend in Vue 3 with Nuxt, and possibly some side apps in other languages/frameworks such as Flutter, Quasar, and React Native. I have been quickly finding the tools I need in an ecosystem I have not worked much with so far. Most of my experience is with AWS, and GCP, so… new to me but wow and SO FAR SO GOOD!

But then, it gets better… when I was really getting ready to dive in and having just setup my azure account I was ready to get plugged in and try to connect to with azure using a convenient set of built-in plugins for VSCODE (just like I have for Firebase) and it has been smooth as silk. So, I am beginning to see and believe I will have no problem with my goal/task…

  • Setting up two-way data binding for Web and Mobile apps between front end clients and Azure App Services
  • Establish a communications and data processing channel with an MQTT broker using pub/sub messaging.
  • Using an Azure serverless environment with Node, Typescript and MQTT.js to consume and process the messages from the broker in real time.
  • Persist data to a Cosmos DB on Azure with a MongoDB API connection for Nuxt 3 to connect to from a browser environment with API routes
  • Most importantly…establish 2-way binding with async/await messaging with efficiency and an ultra-light front end…

And now… things are REALLY GETTING GOOD… but then…

Are you kidding me?


I was delighted to see, and almost inspired as if it had been a sign… “yo azure…”

It’s official now…

They had me at “yo”…

Stay tuned for an update with a POC for Voya Resorts, now not only on Firebase, with a WordPress integration, and a Flutter App for iOS and Android, and now…. Marina Manager IoT App with MQTT and CosmosDB and Azure Functions on the Azure App Services platform!